Name - Timothy (Or Timmy)
Age - around 4
Timmy is the beloved pet of George who found him as a stray on the moors.  At first her father would not allow her to keep him in the house because Timmy barked too much and disturbed his work.  For quite some time, he was looked after by Alf (a local fisher-boy) and George could only visit him daily.  This secret George kept for a long time, and it was not until the outcome of the Famous Five's first adventure, Five On A Treasure Island
, that her father relented and
allowed Timmy back in the house.  This was due, of course, to Timmy's heroic behaviour during the adventure.

Timmy goes away to boarding school with George and Anne where he is also very popular with the other girls.

Timmy loves being in the Famous Five!  He is the protector and on many
occasions has had to get the Five out of sticky situations.  He is also very
intelligent and very obedient.

His only vice is chasing rabbits (much to George's annoyance!)

Timmy - is played by "Connal" in the recent TV

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