Name - Anne Barnard
Age - around 12
Anne is the younger sister of Julian and Dick Barnard and the cousin of George Kirrin.  She lives in London with her
family and attends boarding school with George.

Being the youngest of the Five (not counting Timmy of course!) she is often treated as "the baby!"  But Anne is very practical and loves everything to be neat, tidy and organised.  As Julian often says, "she'll make a wonderful little housewife one day!"  As she is very sensible and logical, she often spots solutions to
problems long before the others!

Anne often gives the impression of being shy and timid, and would rather have a pleasant holiday on the beach than a thrilling adventure, but when one comes along she makes sure she doesn't miss a thing!

Anne - is played by Laura Petela in the recent TV

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IMPORTANT NOTE - Throughout many of the stories, Anne is referred to as "Anne Kirrin" but this simply is not the case.  The name "Kirrin" comes from George's mother (who obviously kept the name after marraige) and as Anne's father is the brother of Uncle Quentin this cannot be.  Anne's surname is "Barnard" (see "Five Get Into A Fix" - chapter one) wherein her mother is clearly referred to as Mrs Barnard.

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