Name - Georgina Kirrin
Age - around 13
Cousin of Julian, Dick and Anne Barnard.  Georgina (or George as she prefers to be called) lives in Kirrin Bay with her mother and father.  Her father (known in the stories as "Uncle Quentin") is a famous scientist who likes the peace and quiet of where they live.

For many years, George had been a loner, only
having her beloved dog, Timothy, for company and spending much of her time on Kirrin Island (which had been a present from her mother.)  Life changed dramatically for George when she met her three cousins for the first time!  She started school quite late, but now attends a boarding school with her cousin Anne.  Luckily, the school allows its pupils to keep pets otherwise George would CERTAINLY not have gone!

At first, George can seem rude and difficult, but deep-down she is kind-hearted and loyal.  Once a friend, always a friend.  Lively and wiry, she's a very good swimmer and can row a boat strongly.  She is a real "tomboy" who insists on being treated as a boy and called by the name of George (call her by her proper name, Georgina, and chances are she won't even answer you!)

George - is played by Jemima Roper in the recent TV

Note - It is likely, though never mentioned in the stories, that George's full name is Georgina Barnard-Kirrin.  This is due to her mother keeping her maiden name.  Her father is the brother of the Barnards' father so it is safe to assume that HE has the same surname.

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