Name - Dick Barnard
Age - around 13
Younger brother of Julian Barnard, but older than Anne Barnard.  He, too, is the cousin of George Kirrin and is around the same age as her.  He lives in London with his family and attends the same boarding school as Julian.

An agile, cheeky thirteen-year-old action boy who just cannot resist adventure!  Dick often has a twinkle in his eyes, which could mean he has a joke to crack or is up to some mischief!

One of Dick's favourite pastimes is teasing George (who is around the same age as him) and is forever making Julian have to sort them out!

Dick is also very reliable and brave.

Dick - is played by Paul Child in the recent TV

IMPORTANT NOTE - Throughout many of the stories, Dick is referred to as "Dick
Kirrin" but this simply is not the case.  The name "Kirrin" comes from George's mother (who obviously kept the name after marraige) and as Dick's father is the brother of Uncle Quentin this cannot be.  Dick's surname is "Barnard" (see "Five Get Into A Fix" - chapter one) wherein his mother is clearly referred to as Mrs Barnard.

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