Name - Julian Barnard
Age - around 15
Older brother of Dick and Anne Barnard and cousin to George Kirrin.  Julian lives in
London with his family and his father is the brother of Uncle Quentin.  Julian attends boarding school with his brother, Dick.

Julian is very much the leader of The Famous Five.  A very confident and reliable boy, he can be counted on to think up a plan for
getting out of a tricky situation.  He is a tall and psychically strong which comes in
useful.  Throughout the stories, Julian often assumes the role of the "responsible adult" and always succeeds in winning adults over with his "very grown-up manner."

A no-nonsense type who likes straight talking, Julian doesn't suffer fools gladly!

When Julian grows up, he almost certainly will find a career in the Police Force.

Julian - is played by Marco Williamson in the recent TV

IMPORTANT NOTE - Throughout many of the stories, Julian is referred to as "Julian
Kirrin" but this simply is not the case.  The name "Kirrin" comes from George's mother (who obviously kept the name after marraige) and as Julian's father is the brother of Uncle Quentin this cannot be.  Julian's surname is "Barnard" (see "Five Get Into A Fix" - chapter one) wherein his mother is clearly referred to as Mrs Barnard.

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