Other Characters
Here is a complete run down on the supporting characters, friends and helpers of the Five.

Uncle Quentin and Aunt Fanny George's parents and uncle and aunt to Julian, Dick and Anne.

Joanna the Kirrin's faithful cook!  She gets involved in many adventures!

Alf  The fisherboy who looked after Timmy before George's parents allowed him in the house.  First seen in Five On A Treasure Island

Jennifer Mary Armstrong the daughter of millionaire Harry Armstrong who the Five rescue from kidnappers in Five Run Away Together

"Sooty" Lenoir and his sister Marybelle.  The children of one of Uncle Quentin's colleagues.  They share an exciting adventure in Five Go To Smuggler's Top

Nobby a circus boy (with his chimpanzee "Pongo") befriends the Five in Five Go Off In A Caravan

Martin Curton helps the Five in Five On Kirrin Island Again.  His father plotted against Uncle Quentin.

Mr Luffy a teacher from Julian and Dick's school who "looks after" the Five in Five Go Off To Camp.

Jock Andrews a farm owners step-son, also seen in Five Go Off To Camp.  He helps the Five solve the mystery.

Richard Kent the son of millionaire Thurlow Kent, gets the Five mixed up in an adventure in Five Get Into Trouble.

Jo (Surname not known.)  A ragamuffin girl who first befriends the Five in Five Fall Into Adventure. Jo could almost be described as "the sixth member of the Famous Five" making further appearances in Five Have A Wonderful Time and Five Have Plenty Of Fun.

Henrietta (known as Henry) joins the Five in Five Go To Mystery Moor

Sniffer (also in Five Go To Mystery Moor) is the son of one of the travellers.  He befriends George and shows himself a true hero.

Guy and Harry Lawdler manage to completely confuse the Five in Fice On A Secret Trail